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Trash to treasure

1 Jun

I moved a few weeks ago (if you’re keeping track, that would be the third move in 14 months – I’m on a roll!). I’ve been fairly busy working on unpacking and organizing, and of course, my favorite part of it all: decorating!

On the day I moved in, I walked inside and immediately noticed a picture left behind by the previous tenant. It was hanging on the wall, but I took it out of the frame before taking the photo:

It’s really really really not my style. And even if I did like the way it looked, I don’t like wine, so why would I hang ugly pictures of it?

I took the picture off the wall and stashed it in a corner, with the intentions of trashing it later.

A few days went by and I realized that maybe I could do something with it after all. The frame was really flimsy plastic, but it was the right size for that narrow wall between the kitchen and the living room, and the nail was already in place, soooo…..

Since the frame was cheap and I wasn’t sure how it would wind up looking, I decided to frame something inexpensive: wrapping paper! I went to a few card stores, but none of the wrapping paper I found called out to me. Then I went to Target, and lo and behold, would you believe I found something (along with about 10 other things I didn’t intend to buy – you kill me, Target)?

It’s very springy (I can’t even think about summer yet – it feels like it’s never going to happen), and so bright. And did I mention cheap?

I removed the offensive wine picture and used it to trace a shape to cut out of the wrapping paper, and voila!

Close up:

Sorry for the poor photo quality, but hopefully you can get an idea of how it turned out. It’s definitely not perfect. The thin plastic kind of buckles, so it looks like the paper is a little puffy in one spot, but my craft and art projects are never perfect, so it fits right in!

In unrelated news, as I was organizing my CDs, I found a very special album that is near and dear to my heart:

I realized that I never imported it into my iTunes Library because my old Powerbook didn’t recognize it because the CD was so old (the nerve!). My MacBook Pro, however, accepted it like an old friend.

I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately, and reminiscing and cringing at my music tastes as a 10-year-old. Man, I loved Paula Abdul back in the day. She really was my (American) idol. I used to sing along (and dance!) to this album for hours. Now some of the songs just make me laugh, but I still sing along.

My unpacking and organizing music has consisted mostly of Glee songs, the Paula Abdul album, and Justin Bieber. So really I’m still a 10-year-old at heart. A really cool 10-year-old.