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You’re going places

15 Dec

Check out this article about 5 Little-Known Websites That Will Save You Time and Money When Booking Airfare Online. It actually lists sites that I haven’t heard of! I wish I’d read it before booking my ridiculously expensive Christmas flight.

Even if you’re not traveling anytime soon, I’d recommend bookmarking the article for later. The more options for flight searching, the better.

(Photo credit: Flickr member contraption available under creative commons)

Free airport WiFi

15 Nov


I know I’m late in reporting this, but now through January 15, Google is offering free WiFi in 47 airports in the U.S. Click here to see a list of participating airports.

You can also get free WiFi on all Virgin America flights through January 15. I flew Virgin for the first time (yeah, I know…) earlier this year, and I really enjoyed it. They have fun computer screens on each seat, where you can play music and games and send messages to other passengers and look at maps to track how far you’ve gone and other fun things that I can’t remember because I always drug myself before flying. 🙂

Happy holidays!

(Photo by kevindooley, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.)

REI sale

13 Oct

REI is having a fall sale and taking 30% off select clothing and gear. If you’ve been itching for a new jacket or feel like pitching a tent (heh), this is your time to shop. Shipping starts at $5.99 and free site-to-store shipping is also available. Sale ends Oct. 18.

Free weekends at national parks

16 Jun

Here’s an idea for a Father’s Day gift/outing. The National Park Service is offering 3 free weekends at parks that usually charge entrance fees. The weekends are:

  • June 20-21 (Father’s Day weekend)
  • July 18-19
  • August 15-16

Click here to see a list of which parks will be free. The list is pretty impressive. You can even go all Brady Bunch and visit the Grand Canyon! (Bring hot dogs and beans to pass out to random native children.)

(Tip courtesy of Money Saving Mom)

Mini deals!

10 Jun

(Speaking of mini, does anyone else really like the Jack in the Box “mini sirloin burgers” commercial? I feel so wrong and un-PC for liking a commercial that sort of exploits little people, but the song is so cute and the little cattle are precious!)

Anyway… two items that work well for travel:

  • Click here to sign up for a free sample of Crest Pro-Health toothpaste (click the button in the top left corner). The sample-size tubes are handy for traveling. Or when you run out of your regular toothpaste and are too lazy or cheap to go to the store and buy more. (Totally not doing that the last few days….)
  • Also, here’s a coupon for a free Signature Collection travel size item at Bath & Body Works. You have to buy something else in order to use the coupon, but there’s no limit on price, so you can get something super cheap and still use the coupon for the travel size item. It’s good for in-store or online.

(Tips courtesy of Money Saving Mom)