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A little ol’ update

1 Nov

Oh hi.

I thought maybe this picture of the cutest kitty ever would be my apology for not posting in a super long time.

I’m not really sure where to pick up again, but since my last post introduced my then-new cat, Caleb, here’s a little update.

He’s still adorable (obviously). Summer was interesting. After his first few weeks, he started vomiting every day, and let’s just say I dropped a lot of cash at the vet as we tried to figure out what the heck was going on. I also have some probably long-lasting scars on my arm from one of those vet trips, but that’s another story. The good news is that my sweet little big guy is doing much better. His limited diet and medication have been very helpful (even though I hate giving him a pill as much as he hates getting it). Let’s hope the healthy trend continues. I could write a lot more about Caleb, but since this isn’t a cat blog (YET), I’ll stop.

I plan on blogging more frequently these days (just had to get past this first post after all that silence), so do stay tuned.


A lot of cuteness up in here

10 Jul

For the past month or so, I’ve been knee deep in cuteness. And fur.

This is Caleb. He is 3. He’s pretty cute. And he was initially quite cheap – I got him from a local shelter and they waived the adoption fees because June was National Pet Adoption Month. Hooray!

Since then, he has been pretty expensive. Unlike my last cat, Caleb is really active and playful. So I’ve spent a lot of money at Petco and Petsmart on various toys to try to keep him entertained so that he won’t bother me all night. Let’s just say I’m a little tired. But he is very sweet. Just curious is all …. very very curious with random ginormous bursts of energy. Lately he has been literally bouncing off the walls.

He’s lying beside me right now and kneading my arm and being waaaaay too cute. So he’s doing his job. 🙂

(This was the photo from the shelter website that stole my heart and made me drove over an hour to get this guy.)