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5 Nov

Check out this article about a young woman who’s taken her fondness for drawing and turned it into a fun, creative way to earn a few bucks. She draws flowers on slips using Sharpies, and they look kind of cool!

I wanted to highlight this story for a few reasons:

  • She had a slip with a stain on it, and rather than throw it away, she worked with it and made something even better come from it. That’s a life lesson right there!
  • I admire her creativity and boldness. Lots of people doodle, but how many people would put the pen to clothing and just go for out?
  • She attended schools that emphasized art and had parents who, in addition to being artists, encouraged her to explore art. She’s rather lucky in that regard. But it’s a testament to the power of parental support in kids’ hobbies and interests.
  • Even though she’s young, she’s managed to do something that many people twice her age don’t do: Make some cash doing something you enjoy.
  • She uses Sharpies! Sharpies are fun and inexpensive, and slips can be found for fairly cheap. She found a relatively inexpensive hobby and business opportunity.

Making dough

3 Jun

In order to buy stuff – whether it’s cheap or cute – you need to have a source of money. For most of us, that means we get jobs.

With the economy being, well, craptastic, job searchers (a group I’ve recently joined) are facing quite the obstacle. Jobs aren’t quite as plentiful and competition is stiff.

My question to you is: Where are good places to find jobs? Of course, networking and knowing the right people is huge, but when it comes to online searches, what do you use? There are the big ones: Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, along with specific sites depending on what industry you work in. What else have you come across? What other ways have you found jobs?