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Copying is cool

12 Jan

Here’s a blog I discovered a few months ago that’s pretty cool: Copy Cat Chic. Blogger Reichel shows you where to score look-a-like designer decorations for much cheaper. Stylish and affordable – that’s how we like to roll.


Survey time!

21 Apr

Let’s talk about cell phones.

My 2-year contract with Verizon ends in May. Right now I pay $40 for 450 minutes and another $5 for texting. Add in fees, etc. and an employer discount and I’m paying around $47 per month.

$47 isn’t bad, but I don’t talk that much on my phone. I mostly only use it for texting, which is why I’ve been thinking about trying a pay-as-you-go plan.

My questions to you:

  • How much do you spend per month for your cell plan?
  • Have you used a pay-as-you-go or pre-paid phone?

When less is more

20 Mar

Sadly, my dishwasher did not come with adorable kittens.

One of the things that I really like about my new apartment is that it has a dishwasher. A real working dishwasher! It’s been a few years since I’ve had one, and it’s pretty nice to just turn the dial and let it do its thing. There’s no more letting dishes sit in the sink for way too long – like waaaayyyy too long.

Like you run out of plates and find yourself using a brownie pan to eat dinner out of because it’s easier than washing dishes.

And when that’s not available, you go for a cutting board.

And when that’s dirty, pretty much anything with a flat surface.

Yes, I am that lazy.  The nice and not-so-nice sides of living alone are that you have less mess to clean up, but it’s easier to not bother cleaning up when you’re not subjecting anyone else to the mess.

(In my defense, my last apartment had issues with hot water. It literally took 5 minutes from the time that I turned on the kitchen faucet until the water was hot enough to properly clean dishes. That’s a lot of water being wasted, so I tried to not wash dishes as often. That’s a good excuse, right?)

But enough slob confessions and back to the dishwasher:  I came across this New York Times article, For the Dishwasher’s Sake, Go Easy on the Detergent (via Apartment Therapy) that affirms both my lazy side and my frugal side. According to experts, you can use less detergent (and save money!) and not pre-wash dishes (saves time and energy!). And the same goes for washers and dryers.

So carry on, cheap lazy people. Carry on.

(Photo courtesy of lizzk with creative commons permission.)

Gluten-free tips

6 Mar

No, I’m not going gluten-free, but I know a few people who are, so in honor of them (I am inspired by their efforts and self-control), here are a few budget-minded links from Wisebread:

Moving & Miscellaneous

12 Feb

I’m moving to a new apartment this weekend, so I apologize in advance for the lack of posts around here and in the near future. I decided to hire a local moving company, which was a hard decision because it goes against my frugal ways. But I think it will be really nice to have other people do the lifting. And I won’t have to rent a truck, drive that truck, park that truck, and return that truck, not to mention putting everything inside and outside of that truck.

The company I hired is supposed to be really good and they had the best pricing compared to other recommend companies around here, and I like the idea of supporting local (good) companies. And since I’m moving  on Sunday, I decided not moving my furniture myself was my Valentine’s Day gift … to myself (in the least depressing sense).  That sounds a little Liz Lemon-ish, but that’s how I roll. Speaking of Liz Lemon ….

In the last night’s “30 Rock,” she scheduled a root canal on Valentine’s Day so that she would be passed out for the most of the day. I’m a little bit ashamed and a little bit proud to say I’ve done the same thing – twice. Well, almost the same thing. Twice in the past few years I’ve scheduled a dentist’s appointment on Valentine’s Day; I figured since the day was miserable* anyway, why not throw a dentist’s appointment in there? That way, I wouldn’t ruin an otherwise good day with the bad feelings associated with the dentist.

* OK, sort of miserable – it’s not like anyone yelled at me for being single. And I’m happy for people who are in relationships and I know that V Day can be fun even if you’re single, but still….

Anyway, if you have any good last-minute moving tips, throw ’em my way.

Oh, and this is what I plan to do when I’m done moving:

Hmm… actually, I have the same response to moving and to Valentine’s Day.

Vinegar: more than just that stuff you use for Easter eggs

1 Feb

Check out 15 Uses for Incredibly Inexpensive White Vinegar.

Some of these sound a little suspect – like vinegar on a sunburn? – but it’s worth reading.

Interesting reading

24 Jan

Today I started reading “Cheap (The High Cost of Discount Culture)” by Ellen Ruppel Shell. I’ve had this on reserve from the library for a long time, and it finally came in (along with 3 other books I’ve had reserved for a long time – why do they always come at the same time?)

I’m not very far along, so I don’t have thoughts to share yet, but I’m hopeful that it will give me some insight into what it means to be a responsible consumer. Not to mention its relevance to this blog.

Has anyone else read this?