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Art blurg

7 Mar

I’ve had a couple 16 x 20 blank canvases in my possession for the last four years. Every time I have moved I’ve packed them up and told myself that I really need to do something with them.

Let me tell you: four years of thinking about what i could do with them was four years too long. Talk about putting pressure on yourself to make something really amazing!

I moved into my apartment last May (I can’t believe it’s coming up on a year!), and I allocated the wall space above my couch to the yet-to-be-created twin masterpieces.

I love geometric shapes and lines, so I decided that I would try using painter’s tape and make something with white lines. I’ve had the tape for a while and every weekend I would tell myself that it was time to just buckle down and paint something.

For some reason, I actually did it this weekend! Yay!

Or not.

It’s not a bad painting per se. It’s not perfect or anything, but there’s nothing terrible about it. But I just don’t love it. It doesn’t really speak to me or have any meaning.┬áThis is probably not the best way to introduce something, but I like to be honest.

So, let’s reveal the masterpiece, shall we? (Pardon the photo quality. My cell phone camera is not quite state-of-the-art.)

Step 1 was taping:


I kinda liked the white and blue – it looks very Greek.

Then I painted, and then the fun part came – peeling the tape off!


Not pictured: Me shooing away my cat while the paint dried. He still managed to jump on it – thankfully it was mostly dry by then.

Here’s the final product:



It’s just ok… I think that the paintings are too small for the space and I didn’t do a very good job hanging it. I also do not really like the color – I was hoping for something darker with a little bit more green.

I didn’t really have much of a plan when I started on this. I just started taping a jagged line and then I decided to tape another jagged line parallel to it. It was pretty haphazard and not a lot of thought or passion went it. I’m realizing as I think more about it that it kind of represents my life right now. I’m going through the motions and doing the things that I need to do, but I am not really excited about any of it.

Now the question is what to do with it. I could keep it on the wall and learn to love it. Or I could give it away (does anybody want it? because you can have it. i mean it! just let me know.). Or I could paint over it and try something new. If nobody claims it, I’ll probably go with option 3.

Hopefully it won’t take me four years to come up with a new design.

(Sorry if this post is Negative Nancy. I was just really excited about the painting and then that turned into I’m really not excited about the painting.)