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Something’s Missing

11 Feb

I came across this photo tonight and I can’t stop thinking about it:

I wonder what the person who put that up was thinking. Who or what were they missing? I have some theories, but we’ll never really know.

I also wonder why am I so drawn to this. Sure, there’s the fact that someone put up an honest (at least I hope), direct statement of feelings out for the world to see; it’s like PostSecret. It’s attention-grabbing. But beyond that, when I saw this photo, my heart just went YES. I don’t even know exactly what I miss. But I miss something. I miss people. I miss places. I miss some hopes and dreams that got squashed as life happened.

I don’t want to be all “woe is me” as I have much in life to be grateful for, but it’s given me some food for thought. I’m realizing that on the hope-o-meter (picture one of those giant posters for a fundraiser with the thermometer thing showing how many donations have come in), I’m pretty low. I miss those squashed hopes and dreams, and it’s probably time to come up with some new, or least modified, ones.

Now that I’ve bummed everyone out, here’s a song about missing someone. And yes, I own the “Time, Love & Tenderness” album and I quite enjoy it. Ain’t no shame. I will say that it’s probably the only song featuring Kenny G that doesn’t make me throw up a little.

(hey, it’s Teri Hatcher! one of my favorite celebrities with my name!)

And confidential to early ’90s Michael Bolton: Here’s something else you’re missing – a deep conditioner. (You know I still love you.)