Welcome 2011!

3 Jan

Happy New Year! I know that some people had a rough 2010, but for me, it wasn’t too shabby. 2009 was my kick-me-when-I’m-down year, and 2008 had its terrible moments as well. But 2010 redeemed a lot of the hurt from 2009, so I’m grateful for the past year and curious what 2011 holds in store. I don’t really like the number 11, so I’m kinda skeptical but I’m still hoping for the best. Surprise me, 2011!

Now is where I insert the obligatory “sorry for not posting much in 2010” statement. So let’s just move on. 🙂

I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions. They seem destined to fail, and I generally shy away from setting goals anyway. I will say that in 2011, there are two big things I would like to do: make a big dent in my credit card debt and get into a regular exercise routine.

Yesterday (Jan. 1) I paid off one of my credit cards, so that was a good start on the credit card debt. Now I have two cards left – one with a somewhat low amount (depending on your idea of “low”) and one with a really huge amount. I used to hope that I would be credit card debt free by the time I turned 30, but since that’s a mere 8 months away (um… scary!), I don’t think it’s gonna happen. But 31 might be realistic. We shall see how it goes. It seems like every time I start to get up on my feet financially-speaking, the rug gets pulled out from under me – or I pull the rug out myself – but maybe 2011 will be different.

As far as exercise, I need to bite the bullet and join a gym. I’m going to visit a gym hopefully this week and get started on the process. Ugh. I do not like the gym at all. I don’t like exercising, and I really don’t like exercising around other people, but sometimes we have to do things that we don’t like.

I would also like to do more traveling this year, but that sort of conflicts with the whole paying off credit cards thing. Oy. I flew back to Indiana for Christmas (which was great, by the way), but being in airports is kind of painful for me. I still miss California a lot, and it always hurts my heart to get on a plane headed to Washington when I could be on a plane to California instead. So this year I would like to go down to LA at least in the spring and maybe again later in the year.

I like Seattle – don’t get me wrong, but LA is always going to have a special place in my heart. It’s hard for me to watch movies and TV shows set in LA because it makes me homesick. It’s not like I had some amazing fantastic wonderful life there, but I still miss it. The grass is always greener on the other side, I suppose. I’m not sure if I would ever move back, but that’s probably not something I can even consider doing until I get this stupid credit card debt paid off.

What are your goals/hopes/fears/resolutions for the New Year?



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