Get Dex

2 Nov

That guy splattered in blood up there? He’s a serial killer, and he’s also kind of awesome.

Yesterday I finished up season 4 of “Dexter.” I’ve spent a year anticipating it, and I’ll spend another year anticipating season 5! “Dexter” airs on Showtime, and I don’t have Showtime. I could buy the DVDs but that’s money I’d rather not spend (although I would like to own the whole series eventually), so I put my name on the reserve list at the library and I wait. And I wait a little bit more. And then I wait a little bit more. Eventually patience prevails and it’s my turn to soak up the blood and intrigue.

If you don’t know the premise of Dexter, I’ll give you a quick summary. Dexter is a crime scene investigator (he specializes in blood spatter). He is also a serial killer. There’s a long history of what went into him being the way he is, but he learned to control his urges by murdering only other murderers and/or bad guys (and ladies). Because he works in law enforcement, he finds out about people who skirted the law and got away with killing people, and he then spends his free time tracking down these people and killing them.

Sounds morbid, huh? It kind of is, but “Dexter” is really good! Michael C. Hall, who portrays Dexter, is nothing short of amazing. I really can’t say enough good Ā things about him. The script is great and the supporting cast is awesome, but Hall makes “Dexter” worth watching.

I’ve said many times and will probably continue to say for years to come: HOW MANY MORE DEAD BODY SHOWS DO WE NEED ON TV? There are about 80 bajillion shows about cops, detectives, crime scenes, homicides, you name it. I don’t find them enjoyable, but Dexter – which is more violent than shows on network TV – is just better. The relationships between the characters and the sheer complexity of Dexter’s double life is compelling. It takes good vs. evil to a whole new and thought-provoking level when you find yourself rooting for the killer to finish his job so he can go home to his family.

If you like a good mystery and can stand the blood (and the boobs – it is Showtime after all), I definitely recommend checking out “Dexter.”


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