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31 May

Thanks for being loyal readers! I apologize that I haven’t been posting as much lately. I just haven’t been motivated to blog about cheap stuff lately. I’ve actually been thinking about expanding what I say here beyond financially-related things. It may not exactly go with the cutecheapstuff name, but whatever – it’s my blog! 🙂

But that won’t be happening yet, as I’m about to head off on a vacation to….. (drumroll)…. Hawaii! I’m very excited, as I’ve been dying to visit for a long time, and it’s finally happening.

For the next week, I won’t be posting. But I’m hoping that when I return and get settled in, I’ll feel bloggy again.

(Sorry to be one of those people who talks about how they don’t post on their blog and life is so busy, blah blah blah. My life isn’t really that busy – I’m just lazy!)


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