Negotiate lower bills

17 Dec

Check out this post from Get Rich Slowly: How I Cut my Comcast Cable Bill by 33% (Without Losing Any Service)

I’m not one for negotiating with customer service reps, but every 6 months I call Comcast and ask for a reduction in my bill.

I have Internet through Comcast, and because it makes my Internet bill cheaper, I have basic cable. Comcast offers 6-month deals, so whenever I get a statement with a higher amount than the previous month I know that my 6-month deal has ended. That’s when I call Comcast and tell them I want to cancel cable. Then the customer service rep tells me that they don’t want me to do that and then they come up with a better price. And if I don’t like that price, then I tell them that I don’t like that price and I still want to cancel cable.

That’s only happened once, but when it did, I got transferred to a different rep (I’m assuming the next level up), and I told him that I can get Internet cheaper elsewhere. That lead to a little argument between us but eventually he agreed to lower the price. Keep in mind that if you get transferred to someone like that and they won’t give you a lower price you’re not out of luck yet. If you tell them you want to cancel your account and they call your bluff and ask you to pick a date when you want service cancelled, tell them that you need to think about it and you’ll call back later. And then hopefully the next time you call you’ll get someone else who will negotiate with you.

The thing to remember with bills like cable, internet, and even credit cards is that it never hurts to ask. I’ve gotten credit card interest lowered just by calling and asking – it was very simple.


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