Pumped for pumpkin

25 Nov

With Thanksgiving almost here, I’m probably late in talking about pumpkin recipes. But better late than never, right?

I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin, but I find that when it’s baked with a bunch of sugar, it’s suddenly delicious!

First I want to alert you about the best pumpkin bread ever. Ever!!! 22,000 people agree with me, so you have no choice but to make this bread immediately. Note that the recipe yields 3 loaves, so if you’re feeding less than 36 people, I recommend making 2 loaves (1 will not be enough!). There’s a handy calculator right above the ingredient list.

For someone who isn’t a big pumpkin fan, I sure have a lot of pumpkin dessert recipes bookmarked. Since sharing is caring, here are recipes that I’ve bookmarked that I do – and maybe you will – eventually want to try?

Now word on the street is there might be a pumpkin shortage. Let’s just ignore that and salivate over these:

P.S. After all my talk about pumpkins, for my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner this year, I’m making cranberry sauce muffins. Go figure.


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