Check out Redbox

24 Nov

If you haven’t tried Redbox, you are missing out.

That’s quite a statement, but it’s true. For only $1, you can rent DVDs that normally cost $5 at Blockbuster and the like. The rentals are for 24 hours only (due by 9 p.m.), but for a dollar, who’s complaining?

Here’s how it works:

Go to the Redbox web site and look up your closest location. Redbox is a kiosk, often found outside Walgreens stores. If there’s one in your area, you’re good to go.

There are 2 ways to rent. You can either create an account online and reserve your DVD and then go pick it up from the kiosk, or you can skip going online and just go to the kiosk. If you do that, there is a chance the DVD you want will not be available, since you didn’t reserve it.

The awesome thing about Redbox is that if you don’t even want to pay a dollar, you can still get a free movie every month. Go here to sign up for Redbox email and text alerts. If you sign up for email alerts, you’ll be sent a code for a free rental. If you sign up for SMS (text) alerts, they’ll send you a free code the first Monday of each month, so make sure you sign up before December rolls around.

Do keep in mind though that if you want to use a promo code for a free rental, you can’t reserve it online – you must go directly to the kiosk and enter the code. If you try to do it online, there’s no place to enter the promo code. (I got very confused by this and wound up accidentally paying $1 for my “free” rental, so don’t do what I did!)

I’ve only rented from Redbox once, but aside from the payment mistake, it went well. Fortunately, there’s a Redbox not too far from where I live, and there’s a Redbox a few blocks from my office, so I was able to return it there.

Now all you need is popcorn and you’re ready for a night in!


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