Movie popcorn – resist!

22 Nov

I rarely see movies in the theater. Sometimes I go to a local $3 discount theater, but even that’s a pretty rare event. I love to watch movies, but I’d rather get them for free from the library than pay $12.

That said, when I do go to the movie theater, I am always tempted to get popcorn. That buttery aroma just draws me in, but I always turn it down because I know that it’s not very healthy. I also know that it costs waaaaaay too much.

A new report finds that movie popcorn isn’t just unhealthy – it’s REALLY unhealthy.

A medium-sized popcorn and medium soda at the nation’s largest movie chain pack the nutritional equivalent of three Quarter Pounders topped with 12 pats of butter, according to a report released today by the advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Um. Yikes.

Thankfully, we have some alternatives. You can still enjoy popcorn without having to book an appointment with a cardiologist. I like to buy 100-calorie servings of microwave popcorn. Orville Redenbacher’s makes them, and I’m sure other popcorn brands do as well. It’s not very buttery, but you can make up for it by using seasonings. You can mix up your own batch of seasoning using spices, or you can buy prepared popcorn seasoning. I like using Kernel Season’s.

Now whether you choose to eat the popcorn at home or smuggle it into the movie theater – that’s up to you. I was taught at an early age to never buy snacks at the theater. We were candy (and occasional popcorn) smugglers. We also snuck in cans of pop. I do remember one time having to fake cough while my dad opened up a can of Pepsi (as if a cough would mask the loud kshhh! sound) and thinking that it was a little too much. And then in the middle of the movie, I accidentally kicked the empty can and everyone in the theater listened as it rolled all the way down the slanted concrete floor.

Classy. Real classy.

(Photo from flickr member Hey Paul with Creative Commons license.)

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