Alibris discount codes

8 Nov

alibris-logoThe other day I was looking for a book on Amazon and I was frustrated that even though it was the cheapest used book, by the time I added shipping, it was almost as much as buying a brand new book (and then buying something else to qualify for free shipping – which I didn’t really want to do either). So I did a little searching and came across Alibris. It’s kind of like the Amazon marketplace but it’s only books, music, movies, etc. – like old school Amazon. I was able to get the book from Alibris for a little cheaper than Amazon, and I found a $1 off coupon code, so it worked out. At least I hope it will; I haven’t received the book yet but it’s supposed to be on its way.

Anyway, today I got an email from Alibris with some discount codes (that are Beatles-themed for some reason), so  I thought I’d pass them on:

  • Save $3 off $30 – code: MAGICAL
  • Save $6 off $60 – code: MYSTERY
  • Save $10 off $100 – code: TOUR

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