5 Nov

Check out this article about a young woman who’s taken her fondness for drawing and turned it into a fun, creative way to earn a few bucks. She draws flowers on slips using Sharpies, and they look kind of cool!

I wanted to highlight this story for a few reasons:

  • She had a slip with a stain on it, and rather than throw it away, she worked with it and made something even better come from it. That’s a life lesson right there!
  • I admire her creativity and boldness. Lots of people doodle, but how many people would put the pen to clothing and just go for out?
  • She attended schools that emphasized art and had parents who, in addition to being artists, encouraged her to explore art. She’s rather lucky in that regard. But it’s a testament to the power of parental support in kids’ hobbies and interests.
  • Even though she’s young, she’s managed to do something that many people twice her age don’t do: Make some cash doing something you enjoy.
  • She uses Sharpies! Sharpies are fun and inexpensive, and slips can be found for fairly cheap. She found a relatively inexpensive hobby and business opportunity.

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