What’s your thermostat set to?

30 Oct

235693975_7859ba54ed(Photo credit: Flickr member jonathan_moreau licensed for use under Creative Commons)

I recently came across this article about 28 ways to save cash by getting your home ready for winter. Most of the tips don’t apply to me since I’m an apartment dweller, but it did get me thinking about personal preferences when it comes to being warm.

The thermostat in my apartment right now is set to 62. I have a feeling that’s a little colder than average, but I’m not sure.

Let’s do a little informal survey. What’s your thermostat set to? And for those of you living with a significant other, do you disagree over the ideal temperature?Every time I fiddle with my thermostat, I think of my parents who are constantly adjusting the heat/AC, and despite 30 years of marriage, are still incompatible temperature-wise.


2 Responses to “What’s your thermostat set to?”

  1. Misty October 30, 2009 at 3:43 am #

    We’ve mostly had ours off the past month or so. We had some colder temps (in the 30s) for a few days, and we set it on 65 then. During the summer we kept it around 76.

  2. erniebufflo October 30, 2009 at 7:58 pm #

    It’s not yet time to turn the heat on here in sunny SC. We have a programmable thermostat, which in the summer keeps the air off when we’re not home and on when we are, and same for the heat in the winter. I think our winter thermostat is often set at 65, and I spend a lot of my time in robes and slippers. Generally, Jon is the cheapskate, so he’s the one turning the thermostat to hot in the summer or colder in the winter and I’m the one sneaking in to turn the AC on, especially when I’m working in a hot kitchen.

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