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Deals for Seattle restaurants

30 Oct

If you live in Seattle, listen up. If you like to dine out, check out Stranger Mart (brought to you, obviously, by The Stranger). You can get awesome deals on gift certificates to good restaurants (try the sliders at late night happy hour at Broadway Grill – amazing!). There’s a bunch of places, including Bimbo’s (did you know they have happy hour all day on Mondays – also amazing!), Skylark Cafe, Triple Door, and Via Tribunali. Enjoy!

(Thanks, Seattle Moms Deal Finder)


Pay half

30 Oct

For today only (Oct. 30), you can get 50% off your purchase at Payless Shoes by using this coupon.

What’s your thermostat set to?

30 Oct

235693975_7859ba54ed(Photo credit: Flickr member jonathan_moreau licensed for use under Creative Commons)

I recently came across this article about 28 ways to save cash by getting your home ready for winter. Most of the tips don’t apply to me since I’m an apartment dweller, but it did get me thinking about personal preferences when it comes to being warm.

The thermostat in my apartment right now is set to 62. I have a feeling that’s a little colder than average, but I’m not sure.

Let’s do a little informal survey. What’s your thermostat set to? And for those of you living with a significant other, do you disagree over the ideal temperature?Every time I fiddle with my thermostat, I think of my parents who are constantly adjusting the heat/AC, and despite 30 years of marriage, are still incompatible temperature-wise.

Brushfire Records sampler and The Swell Season

29 Oct

If you’re a fan of Jack Johnson, G. Love, Matt Costa, and more dudes like them, check out the fall 2009 sampler from Brushfire Records. It’s available on Amazon for free.

Also available for free from Amazon: “In These Arms” by The Swell Season (the duo from “Once”).

It’s not that cute

29 Oct

Cold and flu season has begun! This week I’ve been struggling with a cold – or what I hope is just a cold and not something more serious – and it was a reminder about something I failed to mention in my post about home remedies.

While I’m not much of a natural remedies kind of person, I do want to recommend a neti pot. If you’re not familiar with neti pots, basically it’s a little pitcher that allows you to pour saline solution (warm water & salt) into one nostril, and it flows into your nasal passages and then exits through your other nostril.

It’s really attractive.

I know that it sounds gross, and while I can testify that it’s not that enjoyable, I think it really does help clear nasal passages. A few months ago, I had a cold and was totally stuffed up, and using the neti pot did help – even if it was only temporary relief. Those minutes of clear breathing were worth it.

Some people claim that regular use of neti pots can prevent sinus infections, allergy issues, and other health problems. The research on that is a little spotty. But I can say that, at the very least, the neti pot will provide some relief when you’re congested.

If the thought of shooting water up your nose sounds unappealing, then that makes you normal. I don’t particular enjoy doing it, though I do kind of appreciate the novelty of watching water go in and come out. I was a little apprehensive about it, but after watching some videos on youtube (yes, I did!), it looked pretty simple. While I still manage to make a huge mess every time I use it, I really do think it helps relieve congestion.

The neti pot is a good value. It will last a long time as it can be used over and over, and usually runs between $10 and $15. I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond ($5 off coupon!), but they’re pretty popular these days and are probably available at regular drug stores too. If not, you can buy one online.


Piperlime gift card!

27 Oct

From Seattle Moms Deal Finder

piperlimeBigToday, October 27th, is’s 3rd birthday! Any order placed today will be shipped with a free $25 gift certificate to be used with your next purchase. And one in every 100 orders will be shipped as a $100 gift certificate!

(Piperlime has free shipping and free returns.)

Free Kashi granola bar

27 Oct

Want a free Kashi TLC granola bar? Click here and then click on the banner.


(Thanks, Money Saving Mom)