A grocery saving tip

24 Sep

I’m not big on grocery coupons. If I get some for free in the mail, then I try to use them. But I don’t buy newspapers for the coupons or print grocery coupons from online (printer ink is expensive!). There are lots of blogs and coupon sites out there if you’re interested in going coupon craaaaazy.

However, there is one site I’d like to highlight: Shortcuts.com. Here’s how it works: You create an account at Shortcuts and you add the numbers for your grocery club cards (like Safeway, QFC, Albertson’s, etc.). The website will then offer you various coupons that you can select and it will add those coupons to your club card number. When you go through the check-out at the grocery store and scan your club card like you always do, the register will automatically use your Shortcuts coupons if they’re applicable.

From time to time, Shortcuts will email you with various coupon offers. Most of the ones that I’ve selected have been for yogurt, cereal, granola bars – stuff like that. It’s all brand name items. I think there’s only been one time where I’ve used a Shortcuts coupon and that was on accident.

The problem I have with Shortcuts is that unless you’re diligent about either keeping a running list of your coupons or just having a really good memory, you’re not going to know what coupons you have – unless you log in online. For those of us with non-fancy cell phones, logging into your Shortcuts account while you’re at the store doesn’t really work.

I do think the digital coupons are a good idea, and it beats carrying around coupons, but it’s just not quite there yet.


One Response to “A grocery saving tip”

  1. Rebecca September 24, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    I really like the concept of shortcuts and other sites, like Proctor & Gamble’s. The whole idea of nothaving to print your coupons is genius. However, the problem I run into (besides the not remembering what coupons you have issue, which I share) is that I just don’t eat a lot of processed food. The majority of the coupons are for things I don’t buy because they have a lot of 1) sugar; 2) hydrogenated oils; 3) artificial flavors and colors. There are sometimes better ones, like some of the healthier granola bars or yogurts, but unless I am going to go out of my way to buy something I will hardly ever use the shortcuts coupons. Sigh…great idea, but with limitations!

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