Your new friend

16 Jul

Ladies (and gentlemen), meet the Gal Pal – it’s a little foam thing that erases deodorant marks. It’s only $10 and it totally works!

I have an amazing talent for being able to get dressed and wind up with deodorant marks all over my clothes. Just the other day, I noticed I managed to get a huge deodorant mark on the bottom hem of my dress. Not sure how that happened, but apparently it is my special gift.

At any rate, the Gal Pal has come in quite handy. I’ve used it a few times and thought it worked decently well but I wasn’t really convinced that it works much better than just scrubbing with water. But this morning I put on a black tank top and managed to get the mother of all deodorant marks almost in the center of my shirt (again, don’t ask me how). I immediately grabbed a Gal Pal and in a few seconds, it disappeared. No joke.

I have a feeling the Gal Pal is made out of an extremely simple material and I shouldn’t be so wowed by it. But I am – because I sure didn’t think to make it.

Two Gal pals come in a pack and it’s $10. You can use the Gals multiple times, so I think it’s a pretty good deal. You can buy them through the web site above, or I bought mine on Amazon – I bought some other stuff too and then I got free shipping.


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