Bumbershoot tickets

5 Jun

This is mostly for Seattle people – or people who want to visit Seattle 🙂

Bumbershoot is doing their annual ticket savings deal. If you go to http://www.bumbershoot.org/tickets/promo.htm and enter SWEETDEAL as the promo code, you can get single day tickets for $25/day (normally $50) or 3-day passes for $80 (normally $120).

Now let’s do the math because something is fishy.

$25/day x 3 days = $75, plus $2 service/fee per ticket = $81 + $3.50 handling fee = $84.50

vs. $80/3 days, plus $2 service fee, plus $3.50 handling fee = $85.50

Hmmm…. only a dollar’s difference, but still … If you go all 3 days, why not buy the 3 separate passes? And then if you decide you don’t want to go one day, you can sell your ticket for just that day.

(Shout out to all my old math teachers who helped make this shopping comparison possible … and shout out to MathNet!)


One Response to “Bumbershoot tickets”

  1. sarah June 6, 2009 at 12:51 am #

    yay mathnet!!!

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