Ikea sale this weekend

22 May

poangIkea has some deals this holiday weekend, including:

  • Poang chair normally $89.99 now only $39.99. I love the Poang chair. Not all Ikea chairs are that comfortable, but the Poang has been my friend for many years. In fact, the last time I moved (across country) I had to sell my furniture, and as soon as I visited the Ikea in my new location, I bought another Poang chair! I couldn’t bring myself to buy something else. It’s so comfortable.  And if you want added luxury, buy the footstool too.
  • There’s a coupon for free breakfast.
  • They’re giving away gift cards when you buy certain living room furniture (looks like all entertainment centers).

Make sure you read the fine print on the website about the Ikea closest to you. It appears not all Ikea stores have the same sales. Maneuvering through crowded aisles and figuring out how to assemble furniture without English directions is hard enough as it is – the last thing you want to do is drive all the way to Ikea and find out you can’t get your Expedit bookcase for half off.


One Response to “Ikea sale this weekend”

  1. sharon May 22, 2009 at 11:52 pm #

    ha – i forwarded this email to my friend who’d been looking for a chair for LR. he didn’t want to pay the $89 for this but i knew the $39 may be more up his alley if he could get to the ikea this weekend. although our ikea is ri.dic.u.lous because it’s new & people are mesmerized by the experience.

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