15 May

Well, hello!

Welcome to Cute Cheap Stuff. I’m Terri and I’d like to be your guide to finding the best online bargains.

There are a lot of frugal blogs out there on the ol’ interwebs, but often the deals I see aren’t that enticing. I don’t have a husband and 6 kids to buy groceries for, nor am I interested in buying hardly any of the gazillion deals on various electronic thingamajiggers.

Basically, I like cute stuff. And I like to pay as little for it as possible. I also like free stuff – samples, giveaways, you name it. I spend a pretty good amount of time searching for these bargains, and I’d like to share my findings with you. Sound good?

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to bookmark this blog. All the cool kids are doing it.


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Adam Young May 20, 2009 at 8:09 pm #

    Awesome, Terri! I’ll probably avoid the girly free stuff, but I’m enjoying the other stuff you’re posting here.


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