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More mp3 samplers

31 May


Here are a few more free samplers on Amazon:


Free Burt’s Bees lip balm

28 May

lip-balm-smBurt’s Bees is giving away 1,000 lip balms for 25 days. The key is you have to sign up that day between 9 am and noon (Eastern time), or for us West Coast people, 6-9 a.m. That’s early!

Urban Outfitters $5 clearance

28 May

Urban’s having an awesome clearance sale right with many* items $5 or less.  Check it out!

It only lasts until May 31 and the sale items are supposed to be available online and in-store.

Also, I just noticed they’re selling a fanny pack. This is a little bit tragic and a little bit hilarious.

*A few minutes ago, it was “many,” but things seem to be going quick.

Coppertone coupon

28 May

m_sp_50csprayYou know what’s not cute? Sun damage.

Regardless of how light or dark your skin is, everyone has some risk of skin cancer. So for goodness sake, wear sunblock!

Coppertone has a $3 off coupon on their website. Just click the link and then click the “Print & Save Coupon” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

I actually just bought Coppertone last weekend, so I’d wish I’d known about the coupon. I can vouch that the Sport Continuous Spray (SPF 30) works extremely well – I was nervous about using a spray, but I wore it outside for a whole day and didn’t get burned at all (I did re-apply a few times).

Three cheers for embracing your natural skin tone!

Organic food vs. frugality

27 May

organicfruitMy aim with this blog is more than just showcasing (sometimes cute) deals – I also want to talk about frugality and what it looks for each of us to manage money, especially as (relatively) young people. We have differing needs and wants, but one thing we all buy is food. Organic food has become more and more popular in the last few years, but sometimes it’s expensive. I have faced these questions, and I’m sure you have as well: Is the price of an organic label really worth it? Just how bad is my non-organic food anyway? 

This post from Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen has some useful links to information about organic food, including:

I have to admit, I really only buy organic food when it’s on sale and the same price as non-organic food. Which means that I hardly ever buy organic! 

Are there foods that you only buy organic? Does buying organic matter to you? Are pesticides really that big of a deal? What are your thoughts?

Photo licensed under Creative Commons.

Free iTunes song of the week

27 May

Fallen by Vib Gyor

I’ve never heard of them, but the song is okay. And it’s free, so why not give it a shot?

New Grizzly Bear

26 May

Amazon is offering Grizzly Bear’s new album Veckatimest for $3.99 today. I haven’t listened to it, but the reviews sound good.

Their last album (Yellow House) didn’t blow me away, but it was worth it just for “Knife.”