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Deals at Express and New York & Co.

2 Apr

Express – Select items are now priced at 40% off, and you can also save an additional $15 off for every $60 spent with coupon code 4199. Expires April 5.

New York & Company – 50% off everything on the web site, including sale items. The sale lasts up through Sunday (and in stores through Saturday).

Happy shopping!

Tulle’s Day

31 Dec

Hello! I hope you all have enjoyed this holiday season. I took some much-needed time off and feel ready for the New Year! So, let’s get back to blog business….

Jan. 5 is Tulle’s Day. Tulle is offering shirts for $2.99, dresses, shorts & skirts for $3.99, and pants, jackets, and coats for $4.99. Sounds like some pretty good deals!

(I previously talked about Tulle here.)

Free Fred Flare shipping

15 Dec

Enter discount code reindeer to get free shipping at! There’s not even a minimum purchase amount! The code ends Dec. 21.

Look Elsewares

14 Dec

I came across this online boutique called Elsewares that some has some cute, unique items. They have a section for $25 and under Gifts – in case you’re still looking for a special gift. Click here to find coupon codes for Elsewares.

Acrylic ring - $10

Bike chain bottle opener - $12

Salt & "Peeper" shaker - all in one! $10

Paul Frank sale

12 Dec

Paul is running a 50% off everything sale (excluding eyewear, unfortunately). And if you sign up to receive e-mails you will receive an additional 10% off coupon code which can be applied to this promotion.

The sale ends Dec. 31.

20% off at Gap

10 Dec

Here’s a deal that extends beyond the holiday shopping season through Jan. 31. Click here to print a coupon for 20% off at The Gap, including sale items. If you want to shop online, use the code GAP20.

(Thanks, Thrifty Northwest Mom!) free shipping!

28 Nov

For this weekend only, my favorite place to shop,, is offering free shipping! There isn’t even a minimum purchase! Just use discount code awesome when you check out.

This is so tempting, so very tempting…

Tulle Black Friday sale

26 Nov

This Friday is Black Friday. I’m sure you weren’t aware of that. No one’s really advertised it. Perhaps just maybe you’ve seen a commercial here or there. (If I have to see that stupid Target commercial with the crazy blonde lady one more freakin’ time…)

Anyway, I’m not a fan of Black Friday. While I certainly love a good sale, there is something I value more: my sleep. I will not get up at 3 a.m. to go hang around outside a Best Buy. The only thing that would get me out of bed at 3 a.m. is a fire.

BUT online sales are a different thing. Shopping from home whenever I feel like it while sitting on my couch – that’s my style. I don’t plan on buying Christmas gifts this year, so I’m trying to avoid doing any shopping. However, I was notified about the Tulle sale and I think some of you might be interested in it. (I’ve talked about Tulle here.)

The Tulle sale starts Friday (midnight on Thursday) and runs through Monday. They’re having – get this – 50% off on everything AND free ground shipping on all orders. That’s what I call awesome.

Nike Store clearance sale

21 Nov

If you’ve been thinking about buying athletic shoes or apparel, check out this post for clearance deals and free shipping from the Nike Store.

H&M outerwear sale

21 Nov

I like H&M, especially their outerwear. Some of their regular clothes I find to be a little lacking in the quality of construction, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the durability of their coats. I have a trench coat and a winter coat from there that I wear all the time.

From Nov. 19-25, H&M is marking 20% off all outerwear. Enjoy!

Deals at New York & Company

21 Nov

New York & Company is offering some good promo codes:

Coupon code: 2819
($25 OFF $75)
Coupon code: 2820
($60 OFF $150)
Coupon code: 2821
($90 OFF $200)
Coupon code: 1650
($25 OFF $75)
Coupon code: 1723
($60 OFF $150)
Coupon code: 1724
($90 OFF $200)

The codes are online only and expire 11/24.

Gaiam 99-cent shipping

19 Nov

Gaiam is offering 99-cent shipping if you use the code EMSH99 at checkout. It expires December 8.

Gaiam sells a variety of natural and organic-themed items, ranging from home stuff to exercise apparel to exercise equipment, especially yoga and pilates. They also have a very affordable Outlet Sale section.

(Thanks, Seattle Moms Deal Finder)

30% off at Gap, etc. stores

10 Nov

It’s time for another Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic sale. You can get 30% off (in-store) from Nov. 12-15 by using this coupon. And 5% of the purchase price goes to charity.

(Thanks, Rebecca, for the reminder.)


25% off at The Gap

7 Nov

Click here to print a savings pass for 25% off at The Gap (in-store). It’s valid Nov. 6-8, and includes regular and sale-priced items.

(Thanks, Seattle Moms Deal Finder)


5 Nov

Check out this article about a young woman who’s taken her fondness for drawing and turned it into a fun, creative way to earn a few bucks. She draws flowers on slips using Sharpies, and they look kind of cool!

I wanted to highlight this story for a few reasons:

  • She had a slip with a stain on it, and rather than throw it away, she worked with it and made something even better come from it. That’s a life lesson right there!
  • I admire her creativity and boldness. Lots of people doodle, but how many people would put the pen to clothing and just go for out?
  • She attended schools that emphasized art and had parents who, in addition to being artists, encouraged her to explore art. She’s rather lucky in that regard. But it’s a testament to the power of parental support in kids’ hobbies and interests.
  • Even though she’s young, she’s managed to do something that many people twice her age don’t do: Make some cash doing something you enjoy.
  • She uses Sharpies! Sharpies are fun and inexpensive, and slips can be found for fairly cheap. She found a relatively inexpensive hobby and business opportunity.

Free shipping at Threadless

2 Nov

For today only (11/2), you can get free shipping at

Shirts ahoy!

(That didn’t make sense. Forgive me. It’s Monday.)

30% off at fred flare

2 Nov

Hooray! Use discount code “PREVIEW” at, and you get 30% off everything. The code expires Nov. 16.

I love fred flare and their collection of cute yet mostly affordable things. This is a great time of year to check FF out, especially if you’re looking for an unusual secret santa or white elephant gift.


I have this shower curtain. It makes me happy.





For your favorite "too cool for Christmas" friend?

Coats and clothes

19 Oct

If you’re looking for a new coat, check out the deals at metrostyle’s women’s coat clearance sale. (I’m not really familiar with metrostyle, but they’re taking up to 72% off – plus discount codes – so it’s worth checking out.)

Also, you can get 25% off apparel orders from Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic (ends Tuesday). Click here for details.

REI sale

13 Oct

REI is having a fall sale and taking 30% off select clothing and gear. If you’ve been itching for a new jacket or feel like pitching a tent (heh), this is your time to shop. Shipping starts at $5.99 and free site-to-store shipping is also available. Sale ends Oct. 18.

With child, with sale

7 Oct

Nordstrom is having a big sale (33-70% off) on maternity apparel. Click here for details.

Fred Flare discount

6 Oct

From my favorite online store:

Enter discount SLIIMY at Fred Flare and save 25% site-wide. It expires October 12.

Express sale

1 Oct

Express is having a big fall sale – up to 70% off and an additional 20% off clearance.

(And whatever you do, please don’t buy this.)

Discount codes for New York & Co.

30 Sep

From -

Save an extra $30 to $50 off Women’s Fashions at New York & Co. Choose from a wide selection of apparel styles including outerwear, jackets & vests, shapewear, tops, shirts, tunics, sweaters, dresses & skirts, suits, and others. The coupon savings are applicable on most apparel items store-wide and can be combined with other sales and discounts including the buy one, get one free special. Choose your savings based on the pre-discount order total:

  • Save $30 off orders of $75+ with Coupon Code: 3729.
  • Save $50 off orders of $125+ with Coupon Code: 3735.

Both coupons are valid on purchases through Monday, October 5

Alternative Apparel sale

29 Sep

Thanks to Rebecca for this tip -

For today only, you can get 60% off Alternative Apparel at

(Alternative Apparel was mentioned in a previous post.)

Toothpaste for Dinner yay!

28 Sep

If you haven’t read Toothpaste for Dinner, you are seriously missing out.

TFD is a web comic by the talented and hilarious Drew. He also does Married to the Sea, which is pretty awesome too. And his wife Natalie does Natalie Dee. They are like the Brangelina of Internet humor.

Anyhoo, you can buy awesome stuff from TFD, and if you use the code “FRIENDSHOP,” you get $2 off. (Thanks, Melissa!)

Just for kicks and giggles, here are my two favorite TFD comics:

25% off Gap online

28 Sep


Enter the code SAVE25 at checkout at and you’ll get an extra 25% off. It expires 9/30.

Speaking of Gap, I got a really good deal there the other day on a lightweight hooded jacket (I can’t get over how hard it is to find a nice jacket with a hood here in Seattle. It rains here sometimes…). I’m not even sure how much it was originally, but it was marked down to $47.99, and then had a 40% off sale on it, AND I had a $10 rewards certificate (thank you, Gap credit card), so it wound up costing me less than $20.

If you shop at Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic frequently, I’d recommend getting the credit card. I don’t usually go for store credit cards – I think it’s my only store card, but this one has frequent rewards, and you don’t have to spend that much to get them. discount and free shipping

25 Sep

For 2 days only, is offering 20% off with code GR8THINGS, and you can use the free shipping code THISIS4FREE.

(Thanks to Seattle Moms Deal Finder)

20% off at Gap

23 Sep

Enter promotional code EXTRA20 at checkout at and you’ll get an extra 20% off. It expires 9/25, and the code works on sale items too – score!

Lane Bryant 25% off

23 Sep

Here are a couple of Lane Bryant 25% off discount codes that supposedly expire 9/27:



I’d like to take a second to do a little rant about plus-size clothes and Lane Bryant. For years, I accompanied my mom to that store, and I eventually wound up buying jeans there for myself a few times. So I can say from experience that shopping there is not fun. In a mall full of cute, relatively cheap clothes, Lane Bryant manages to charge a fortune for clothes that oftentimes aren’t that cute. They get away with it because compared to some other plus-size stores, LB has more fashionable clothes. But that’s really not saying a lot.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to shop there anymore. I don’t want that to sound like I’m bragging because I’m really not! Miss Fitness USA – I am not. Yes, I’m glad that I lost some of that weight and am healthier, blah blah blah, but what really gets me excited is that I’m not subjected to a limited and expensive selection at stores like LB.

It’s not fair that plus-size fashion choices are so limited. Isn’t the average size of American women like a 14? Now I’m all for being healthy and I encourage everyone carrying extra weight to do something about it (myself included). But regardless of your feelings about what is considered a healthy size, it’s silly that we can’t acknowledge reality and make better clothes for all women.

Etsy faves

21 Sep

I’m not sure why I waited so long to talk about Etsy. I assume that most people know about it, but just in case you’re not in the know: Etsy rules.

Etsy is where people who handmake things (jewelry, crafts, clothes, housewares, pretty much anything else you can think of) can create their own little store – all on one big ol’ website. When you purchase from Etsy stores, not only are you supporting individuals in their creative endeavors, you’re also not buying from sweatshops or paying retail mark-ups. And what I enjoy most of all: You get unique stuff.

I have this thing about purses – I really really don’t like it when I see other people with my same purse. When it comes to clothes, I’m not fond of seeing duplicate outfits, but it doesn’t bother me too much. But when it comes to bags that you carry every day – that are part of your every day look – I want it to be unique. I want people to notice it and ask where I got it. I like compliments!

That is why I try to only buy bags on Etsy. Today I’d like to highlight the bag I’ve been using pretty much every day for several months now. The seller is fromnancy, and this is the bag:

I wanted a bag with a long strap and a considerable amount of room, but I didn’t want a messenger bag. And this bag is perfect! There are no zippers or buttons or anything to mess with. The top of it just folds over, and there are 3 internal pockets – for my sunglasses, cell phone, and iPod. Check, check, and check.

And it was only $35. Yes, that might be more than you’d pay for a bag at Target, but I think it’s worth it to support Etsy sellers. And they tend to keep their shipping prices low, unlike a lot of sellers on Ebay and other websites.

Here’s another fun thing about Etsy. As a shopper, you can create a profile (which you have to do if you want to purchase anything), and you can browse shops and tag items as your Favorites. Then when Christmas or a birthday or some other gift-giving holiday rolls around, you can give people the link to your list of Etsy favorite things and pray they buy something off it.  Here’s mine (it’s short because I’ve been avoiding Etsy, thanks to my underemployment).


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